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Using The Library Search Service, you can find print books and magazines, e-books and articles from the PNRPU Digital Collection and EBSCO Full Text Finder. It also includes book ordering, digitizing books and access to your library account.

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University users can access a variety of online resources, including global, national, and local scientific and educational digital libraries. Our library provides off-campus access to some electronic resources.

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Our library provide a wide range of reference and consulting services. Useful links for authors of scientific articles are placed in the section For Teacher and Scholar. Ask Librarian service is also available. For first-year students created a special section.

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В библиоблоге «ПолитехЛиб» мы размещаем фотографии новых поступлений, интересную информацию о книгах, писателях, учёных и интересных событиях. С тематическими подборками книг можно познакомиться на интернет-выставках и в Instagram-канале.

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